• Consultant Services: Our long year real estate know-how and services will guide you to the best possible solution for your specific needs.
  • Property Evaluation: Our qualified agents master the real estate market so that the value of your property is effectively calculated.

    The market value of a property is subject to multiple factors such as the location, the size, the quality of the construction, the latest comparable sales, facilities and also the current market which can affect the selling price of the property.
  • Legal Advice for Real Estate Agreements: South Coast Real Estate agency has established valuable partnerships with law firms who provide legal advice that ensure your limited risk and minimizes the time loss in acquiring, selling or leasing procedures of a property. Click on the link below to review all necessary documents for purchase or sale of a property.
  • Find Buyer / Lessee / Property Assignment: The process of finding the suitable buyer or tenant, is our priority. This process is based on promoting each of the properties at the right selling or leasing price.

    South Coast Real Estate is committed to promote your property in real time and directly to the designated target group among our large clientele data base.

    The ideal listing of your property is being boosted in all real estate channels both in Greece and abroad by our dedicated department that scans and upgrades the listings position and exposure on a daily basis.

    South Coast Real Estate is constantly investing on our agent’s training with learning seminars, market monitoring techniques, legal and negotiating skills training, in order to deliver a 360 support in all real estate market fields.
  • Financing: With our excellent collaboration with major banks we are able to mediate for granting loans.
  • Renovations: We offer throughout support in finding and developing your renovation projects either through our standard partners (architects, interior/exterior designers, engineers etc) or through the rest of the market in order to cover 100% your specific needs.

    Our partners are always at your disposal to answer important questions before you decide to implement a renovation, like: who much will it cost, which are the benefits for your property, the return on profit and also whether a renovated property is more suitable for sale or lease.
  • Estate Insurance: We offer insurance services depending on your needs through a trustworthy insurance partner’s network.
  • Contact us for more details on professional photo shooting of your property.