South Coast Real Estate undertakes the research and the procedures required for purchasing a property to clients that are interested in acquiring Golden Visa. A residence permit in Greece and Schengen Visa to non-EU Nationals with the purchase of property in a low value.

Greece’s immigration law has the most competitive permanent residency scheme in Europe with minimum value of 250.000€ for property purchase. The legislation benefits include leasing rights and simple paperwork.

Gloden Visa Legal information

The long-term permit - Visa D is issued from the Greek authorities for entrance and residence in Greece for individuals from third countries and its duration is between 90 days to 1 year, depending on the residence status of third-country nations, national legislation or European Law.

The residence permit is issued by the Ministry of Migration for the permanent stay of third countries residents within Greece, according to the articles of the European Union (Legislation (EK) 1030/02 of the board). There are various types of categories for residence permits and different types of visa in each category. The rights of acquiring are subject ot the permit that is being issued.

The legislation information of the Entrance and Residency for Investment Purposes program can be found in the 16th Article of the 4251/2014 legislation, and ad per modified and supplement by 8th Article par. 21 of 4332/2015 legislation and 84th Article par. 1 to 6 of 4399/2016 legislation.

Entrance right and permanent residency, as per this program, is being granted for:

a) civilians of third countries that are aiming to invest in the Greek market, either as individuals or as legal persons as long as the project is in consistency with the terms of the legal requirements as presented below.

b) civilians from third countries, who are executives and participate in the implementation or operation of the investment project. These terms apply to civilians from third countries, who are executives in local businesses and are performing new investments. Up to 10 permits can be issued for investors and executives per investment project, according to the investment value.

c) Family members of the civilian from the third country, as described above. The visa is issued specifically for the following:

  • spouse,
  • children – non married, and under the age of 21,
  • children – non married, whose custody belongs to either the civilian or the spouse,
  • elderly, such as parents or other first-degree family members of both spouses.

Residence permit is issued to all the above family members for reunification purposed, which do not include the occupation rights.

Issue fee for entrance visa costs €180.

The 5 year resident permit or renewal costs €500.

The application is filed with the local migration authorities at the residence city of the applicant.